Dow Jones


The Vision

Dow Jones, the company that distributes The Wall Street Journal, decided that all of their printing facilities—nationwide—would have the ability to print in color. At the Charlotte, NC, facility presses, the dilemma was that there was not enough height above the existing presses to add the color towers needed. Doerre Construction’s response to the RFP was selected based upon a creative and cost-effective solution where the roof structure above the pressroom would be raised over seven feet, with no interruption to the printing and distribution of The Wall Street Journal five days each week. Each day the Doerre crews worked from 6 am to 3 pm; then the presses would run each night from 5 pm until 4 am to print the paper. And there was no interruption in delivering The Wall Street Journal each morning to the Dow Jones’ subscribers!

The Project

Doerre was able to provide temporary protection above the operating presses to keep all demo and construction debris out. In addition, we found a way to construct a new steel frame roof assembly seven feet above the existing roof, and then demo the existing roof and structure. The scope of work also included modifications to interior walls to allow for access required by press riggers and additional electrical modifications needed to power the equipment.


Dow Jones

Mihai Radu Architects

The Grand Opening

The Doerre team successfully completed this complex project while The Wall Street Journal continued to print, never missing a day of production.