When Doerre Construction sits down with a client at the onset of a project, the first thing we do is set our compass heading for the Grand Opening.

While this includes envisioning an absolutely perfect ribbon-cutting, it also means making a commitment to have—at every stage of the process—excitement, energy, and a company-wide passion to exceed expectations. Next, we open up our tool kit of proactive knowledge to start predicting problems before they ever come up. Part of doing this is listening, asking questions, teamwork, integrity, and even a bit of fun. When you partner with Doerre, you can depend on us for real-world solutions and a fierce dedication to accountability, transparency, and doing what’s right. Ultimately, the Grand Opening isn’t a day, it’s an experience, one that evokes a feeling of great pride shared by company, crew, and clients.


The five core values you’ll find below serve as our guiding principles every day, and on every project. Loyalty to those values allows us to work together, hand-in-hand, as a dedicated team, to create an exceptional environment for you and your customers. Since we believe that every action, every decision, and every communication must reflect those values, our projects tend to exceed expectations—and our clients get the Grand Opening they dreamed of.

Vision, Mission & Purpose

At Doerre, we’re a team-driven company built on our ability to listen, apply proactive knowledge, and search out potential trouble spots to produce the right-sized plan with transparent communication and accountability every step of the way. We’re also motivated by passion, collaboration, pride in a job well done, and enthusiasm for creating exceptional environments beyond expectations. We create Grand Openings, and our vision, mission, and purpose all point toward this ultimate goal.


Building leaders committed to others


Constructing exceptional environments for your customers, your people, and your operations.


Creating grand openings

For us, these aren’t just statements in an employee manual. Our vision of “building leaders” is a lofty one, and for us it means we’re committed to being a leader in our field, all while fostering a company of leaders, too. Our mission paints a picture of how we serve our clients, while our purpose of creating Grand Openings is why we all come to work every day.

Team Spirit

We foster an atmosphere that allows our teammates to thrive. We encourage them to do what they love with people they enjoy doing it with and to make a huge difference for our clients, all while providing fair compensation and time for them to pursue their other passions. When people are able to work on what energizes them, the positive impact it has on clients, employees, and families is undeniable—and creates a team that can accomplish incredible things.


Drive, accountability, careful listening, and team spirit were fundamentals Karl Doerre learned early in life. So when Karl opened the doors of Doerre Construction in 2000, those traits shaped our core values. Karl believed that if we assembled the right team, used proven leadership skills to get them working together, and focused on those values, we could achieve great things. Those values guided us during our initial endeavors, as we persevered through a recession, and when we triumphantly completed our first multi-million dollar project. Throughout the years, that solid foundation has guided the company to exceed all goals and show solid, steady growth.

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