Binaco Tower - Uptown Charlotte

The Doerre team is very excited to partner with Binaco International Real Estate and Peadon-Finein Architecture to”Create a Grand Opening” for B Tower. B Tower is a 5-story retail building that will change the face of 5th street in Uptown Charlotte and bring new character this area hasn’t seen before.  Our team recently broke ground and is constructing the 5-story, 74 ft. retail building on the plot previously occupied by Connolly’s patio. There will also be a 5th floor rooftop terrace on the B Tower building.  When complete, B Tower will be about 15,000 square feet and each floor will have a balcony area overlooking bustling 5th Street.  This project is on an extremely tight site and presents several challenges.  As part of the project, we will widen the sidewalk to around 11 feet wide all the way to the intersection of Tryon Street. This will allow the neighboring bars and restaurants, as well as B Tower, to use sidewalk space for additional seating. We are very excited to be part of the team creating this truly transformative project for the Uptown area and Charlotte in general. This project will enhance the “restaurant/bar row” vibe on 5th Street between Church and College.