Promenade Retail Building and Courtyard with Kiosks


The Vision

Childress-Klein, owners of the Promenade shopping center in South Charlotte, had a vision to demo a vacant Macaroni Grill Restaurant and part of the parking lot then build a new retail building in its place.  The project also included building a new courtyard with outdoor dining, a large water feature and two new kiosks for lease. They wanted it to have an upscale feel so they partnered with the Doerre team to help achieve this vision.

The Project

This multifaceted project included the demolition of a vacant restaurant building, and ground-up construction of a 13,500 steel frame brick veneer/stucco retail building including all associated site work.  The second phase of this project included the ground-up construction of two 384 SF kiosks and all associated site work as well as creating a new courtyard and outdoor dining area.



Hodges Architecture

The Grand Opening

The building now contains a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and the new courtyard is the focal point of the whole shopping center.  We enjoyed working with Childress-Klein and their team to Create a Grand Opening For this exciting project!