Rooster’s Wood Fired Kitchen

Renovation, Restaurant/Retail

The Vision

We are thrilled to have been part of the team that had the privilege to “Create a Grand Re-Opening” for Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen and Chef Jim Noble in 1 Bank of America Center on College Street  in Uptown Charlotte, NC.  There was and accidental fire at the uptown restaurant that started in the kitchen’s hood system in late September of  2019.  Our team was tasked with re-building the restaurant and changing routing the kitchen hood ventilation system.

The Project

Our team rebuilt the kitchen and repaired the smoke and water damage sustained in the dining room.  The project included the total re-construction of the drive aisle leading into the parking deck of 1 Bank of America Center which was damaged by the fire.  Our team also completely re-routed the kitchen’s hood ventilation system up through multiple levels of the building and onto the roof.

Jim Noble

Johnson Studio

The Grand Opening

Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen reopened in late June of 2021 — roughly 22 months after a three-alarm fire shuttered the restaurant.  Cheers to a job well done team!