Kimco Realty

Office, Renovation

The Vision

Kimco Realty is a valued repeat client of Doerre Construction. In an effort to adapt to the post-pandemic work environment, Kimco decided to create a hoteling office space for their employees in a shopping center they already owned.  We partnered with them to convert and combine five existing retail spaces into a vibrant new office space in which workers dynamically schedule their use of workspaces such as desks, cubicles, offices and conference rooms.

The Project

The Doerre team completed the build out of  Kimco Realty’s office in the existing Quail Corners Shopping Center on Park Road.  The scope included the demolition of the existing retail spaces and combining them into Kimco Realty’s new space.  The project included all new electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.  The new office space has 2 conference rooms, 6 huddle rooms, 15 offices, an employee café, a kitchen & 2 bathrooms.  They also now have a large, open cubicle area.

Kimco Realty

Matt E. Majeed

The Grand Opening

The project was successful and the office is now up and running.  We enjoyed working with Kimco Realty team again to Create a Grand Opening for their newest location in the Charlotte area!