1600 Camden Office Building


The Vision

Developer Steve Harris and his partners were some of the first pioneers to break ground in South End—before it was South End. They purchased a small, abandoned gas station at the corner of Camden and Park Ave—right next to landmark Price’s Chicken Coop—and challenged their architect to somehow get 8,000 square feet of class A office and the required parking on the 12,000-square-foot parcel. Their second call was to Doerre Construction to ask if they were up for the challenges associated with small infill site construction. Ever ready to partner and add value, Doerre was involved in every step of planning and construction.

The Project

The project entailed constructing an 8,000-square-foot, two–story, masonry veneer office building located on a tight urban site in the South End area of Charlotte.

HMV Camden, LLC

Childrey Robinson Associates

The Grand Opening

After careful planning and communication by all members of the project team, 1600 Camden was completed on time and within budget for Harris Development. This building has become a cornerstone landmark in the South End area of Charlotte.